New KS2 Viking assessment task and markscheme focusing on interpretations now available to subscribers

Nearing completion is a KS2 common assessment task on the Vikings aimed at Y4 with the focus on interpretations. Pupils are shown tow markedly contrasting colourful pictures of the Vikings. They have two tasks: to explain HOW the two images differ in their portrayal of the Vikings; and then, more ambitiously, they have to give reason why they think these particular interpretations have portrayed the Vikings so differently.

As with all Keystage history assessment tasks, now in double figures- the strenght lies in the quality of the markscheme which supports the task. By laying down the expectations for different levels of attainment teachers and pupils can both see what would have been a better answer. That is because the markscheme has one section for the teacher( linking the features of an answer to national benchmarks) and the other in more pupils speak language for the pupils to see what they could have done to improve.

If you would like a copy of the task and the mark scheme emailed to you I am more than happy to do so. In return it would be good to be sent a few examples of the pupils’ work so that I can offer my commentary on them.

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