Self-evaluation in history at Key Stage 4

Getting ready for a history subject review: knowing what OFSTED inspectors are looking for and the criteria they are using   It is essential that you keep up-to-date with current OFSTED thinking against which your department will be judged.

There are 3 ways of doing this.

  • Make sure you have read and assimilated all the detail within the most recent report in this case History For All published in March 2011. You will find a copy of the report here.
  • You must know the current Framework for Inspection and the History subject-specific guidance (2014) available on the OFSTED website
  • Look at the examples of best practice that feature of the OFSTED website. It is never easy for busy subject leaders to know when these appear and to find time to digest them. To make life easier I have summarized the top 10 messages from the last case study of Best practice in secondary history written in May 2012.  You can access this in the downloadable resources section to the right and the full report from the OFSTED website.

To a large extent the issues at key Stage 4 are very similar to those at KS3, so if you have

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