Medium term planning at Key Stage 4

As we prepare for the new GCSE courses which start in September 2016, we are busily creating new schemes of work for the more unfamiliar topic that schools will bebteaching for the first time. Naturally we will be guided by the emphasis that each different specification might place on a topic but we are keen not to simply repeat what the board’s will be offering. Indeed, we would not want to . So often they are simply showing how to cover the content. We focus much more on how to deepen the understanding so that it will be durable over the full length of the linear course. We will not be publishing detailed plans o the site until the spring but members can request examples of draft materials showing work in progress which will help to inspire your own planning.

As we develop our new plans it might be worth reminding ourselves of some of the problems with planning for the legacy courses. They tended to be in three areas. Firstly the objectives are not differentiated. Secondly, the activities tend to be too text-book based, and thirdly there is too little attention to identifying which work will be assessed and

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