Long-term planning at Key Stage 4

At the time of writing, not all of the new 2016 specifications have been accredited by OFQUAL.  We can be fairly certain, however, of the structure of each so we are busily working on different models to show how the new linear approach might work in different settings, including 3 year GCSEs. We do expect to have these plans online until the end of January 2016 but if you would like to see some draft examples we would be happy to email them to you on request.

Planning for the legacy GCSE history specifications

I have featured only a few models from the existing specifications, concentrating instead on the new specifications – examples for all the main specifications below.  For each course offered by each board I have given a brief and gentle critique of different schools’ approaches.  When we know what really works we can make firmer judgements. 

All the examination boards have offered different models for how their new courses might be tackled.  Some are genuinely helpful; some that involve taking modules early may not work because of the school’s organisation, and others look like suggestions from people who have no intention of teaching it!

Some of

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