Rationale for how you teach your KS2 curriculum history

When planning your history, it is really important that you spend some time establishing a strong rationale for your choice and sequencing of history topics. This is increasingly being looked for by OFSTED  under the 2019 Framework’s focus on curriculum intent, but it is also important that schools come up with their own distinctive history curriculum that best suits the needs of their pupils.

Top tips for planning your 9 KS2 history studies. For each topic there are 5/6 key ideas that you need to consider before you decide on which topics to teach in which year group and which are the most important things to focus on.  See downloadable resources below.

What sorts of issues should I be addressing in my rationale?

Under the new 2014 orders pupils no longer have to study the Tudors, Victorians or Life in Britain since the 1930s.  But does that mean you abandon popular well-resourced topics that have led to outstanding lessons in the past?  Surely outstanding learning trumps new curriculum coverage.

What will you do about the new units that are less familiar? Will you look at them in depth or in outline? It is essential to study one of

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