Caxton and Bell

These two famous people are linked together as part of a theme called Spreading the Word. With the advent of the 2014 National Curriculum requirement for KS1 history to link the school’s chosen famous people via a shared theme, we have decided to show how the study of both people could be combined. Instead of each person having the usual 6 key questions, they have each been reduced to four to make it more manageable as a single topic. Plans for each will soon be found in the KS1 medium term planning section and the individual lessons and their related resources shown there will follow early in 2020.

A number of subscribing schools have already asked me for  sight of the planner and any material in draft form that might be ready. I am more than happy to pre-release on the strict understanding that you treat it as draft. The planner is complete as are a number of killer activities and  the assessment task and markscheme.


Teaching Caxton and Bell at Key Stage 1

These two famous people are linked by the theme of communication; spreading the word. Tim Berners-Lee founder of the world wide web could also be mentioned to bring the topic up-to-date, but his life will prove less interesting to study in detail than the other...
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